PCB Services


Image to Gerber File Conversion

What are gerber files and why do I need this service? Gerber files are the files used by PCB fabricators to create your PCB. They define the shape of the copper layer(s), solder mask, drills, solder paste, board outline, etc.

PCB fabrication houses don’t accept files in the PDF, jpg, png, gif, bmp formats which are what programs like DIYLC output. A lot of electronics DIY’ers create their circuit layouts in programs that don’t output gerber files. .

COST: $10/sq inch

WHAT I DO: I redraw your circuit layout and run DRC (design rule check) to ensure compatibility with the PCB fabricator of your choosing.

PCB Layout

You provide the schematic, footprint of selected parts, and the mechanical requirements of the board. We will redraw the schematic, layout the PCB, and provide gerber/drill files to be sent by you the fabricator of your choosing.

COST: Varies by project with a $50 minimum. Contact for a quote.






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