INA217 Mic Pre for Guitar Pedals

I’ve been seeing a bunch of threads on the Unofficial DIYStompboxes Facebook group about plugging microphones into guitar pedals. This is a road I’ve explored for years now, and I’ve decided to whip together a simple project. Note: this layout assumes you’ll be using a dynamic microphone so a phantom power supply section is not included. If you add a phantom power supply that is always on, flip the polarity of the input capacitors. If you add a phantom power supply that will be switched on/off you’ll need to use bipolar capacitors with a proper voltage rating (might be a tight squeeze on the board). This isn’t a perfect solution, but it is quiet and uses very few parts. Feel free to make as many boards as you want, sell them, start a new audio electronics empire, but if you make money using these files please consider kicking some back my way.


Gerber Files

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