Home PCB Etching

41wmUdb+zPL._SY445_So this tutorial is a blast from the past that I found on an old hard drive. I wrote this back in the early 2000’s when there weren’t a whole lot of resources on the internet with regard to etching boards. This method is now pretty widely used throughout the DIY community so there isn’t really anything new here. It’s pretty rough, and there are much better tutorials out there, but I figured I’ll post it anyway just in case anyone needs a laugh at my pitiful tutorial making skills of 12+ years ago. I’ve also compiled a list of links to items needed for this process available on Amazon.


I’m sure there are laminators on the market that cost less, but I have the Apache AL-13P that was recommended on the Pulsar website, and the unit linked above seems to be a copy of the AL-13P. The mods required for the laminator are here. The Apache AL-13P is a solid unit that performs miles above what the GBC laminator in the tutorial could do.


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