Bazz Fuss

bazz3The Bazz Fuss is easily one of the top five of my favorite fuzz circuits. It’s super simple to build, costs next to nothing, and it sounds incredible. The low parts count and straightforward layout makes this a great first build. I’ve probably done at least 50 different board layouts of this circuit using parts packages ranging from 0402 SMD chips to huge “Orange Drop” caps. The boards have varied from the size of a postage stamp to the size of a credit card. I decided to spend this afternoon putting together a really straightforward single sided layout that is friendly to the home etch process.

BazzFussTopPCB Layout


R1 – 1M
R2 – 10k
C1, C2 – 100nf
Q1 – MSPA13 (experiment with other NPN BJTs)
GAIN – 100kA

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