Hello, World!

So I got really buried in little issues that were popping up in my build that hindered me being on top of journaling the build process. Going into it, I had a grand vision of taking a bunch of pictures throughout the build and having little tips or witty insights on the process. Welp…that didn’t happen. I’m not witty and I’m not really patient enough to be that helpful. I ran the “Hello, World” .nc file tonight to give the machine it’s first full test run. I wedged a marker between two blocks of wood and mounted it to the universal spindle holder.

The first run didn’t turn out so well. For some reason after I configured GRBL (the software that controls the machine) to move the axes in the proper direction it mirrored the .nc file output. After some head scratching I reset the GRBL configuration and just swapped two of the leads on the Gshield (the board that the stepper motors are controlled by).

As you can see by the video, the paper isn’t held down properly and the magazine wedged under it doesn’t help. That lead to some parts not drawing correctly, but overall the test was successful. Next step is mounting the spindle, readjusting the machine for the weight of the spindle, and starting to cut stuff!

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