The Shapeoko 2 is assembled and squared!



Building this thing wasn’t the nightmare I thought it’d be…at least not yet. I will say that getting everything squared and aligned has been the single biggest test of my patience yet. I have a five year old daughter if that means anything. She is cake compared to adjusting a Shapeoko. Once everything was assembled I noticed that some of the Y-axis v-wheels weren’t making contact with the Makerslide. I adjusted the X-axis which allowed the Y-axis motor mounts to sit correctly. Then the X-axis motor plate wasn’t riding along the Makerslide right. I adjusted that. After 30 minutes of back and forth I had every axis loose and methodically adjusted various parts until I got it good enough. All that is left is the motor belts and wiring. 

While I was building this I kept thinking I should’ve saved myself the trouble and just bought a Zenbot. Then I had to remind myself that this thing is fully expandable, and if anything breaks I’ll know how to fix it since it started as a pile of parts. 

More updates to come once I run “Hello, World!”

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