Already getting angry! :)



I said yesterday that I would follow up with the things that piss me off, right? Welp…the first step managed to do it. There are 52 bearings, 26 precision washers, 20 v-wheels, and 6 idler wheels. When assembling the v-wheels it is incredibly straight forward. Push one bearing into one side of the v-wheel, flip it over, sandwich a precision washer between the first bearing you inserted, and then add another bearing. Use an M5 bolt to line up the washer and bearings when putting the second half together.

The idler wheels are a different story and I feel like a complete idiot for this one. I assumed it’d be the exact same procedure as the v-wheels. WRONG! The idler wheels have a lip in one side of them that doesn’t allow a bearing to be inserted from that side. You have to insert your first bearing into one side, push it in all of the way (until it hits the lip), and then sandwich a precision washer in the middle using an M5 bolt to line things up. I was trying to mash a bearing through the side with the lip on it without realizing that lip was there. About 5 minutes of huffing and puffing ended with a “WTF! I’m an idiot!”.

I’m sure there are going to be a lot of moments like this one.

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