Red Fang Fuzz Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the song ‘Wires’ the past few weeks, and I’m addicted to Red Fang’s aggressive guitar tone. I recommend watching the video to get an idea of what I’m after:

I’ve read in interviews that they use a Malekko Assmaster in part of the song (time 1:34 to 2:02 in the video), but that isn’t necessarily what I was going for. I wanted to capture the aggressive character of the their Sunn Beta Lead amps, but in fuzz box form. I non-elegantly began cascading transistor stages together and added clipping diodes where appropriate. That is pretty much the exact recipe for most distortion boxes out there, but my goal was instability. The result was a squealing mess of fuzz. I was able to tame most of the squealing, but keep the crazy fuzz. After about an hour of playing I missed the squealing and noise so I made it switchable in and out of the circuit. It can be run mostly stable or as a complete trainwreck.


I decided to use the bottom of a Hammond 1590BB box as the top because I wanted to see the screws that hold it together. In my head it fits the aesthetic of the sound, as does the aged metal look that I created on the aluminum. The real pain about this was the Testors brand waterslide decals. Hiding the edge of the label under clear coat is a challenge because of the amount of coats required to hide it. They make edge softener (which I believe is just acetic acid), but still you can see an edge up close. You need to layer so much clear that it takes forever to build it up high enough. I’m impatient so I let it look a little shitty.

More updates coming soon!

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