It has been quite some time since my last blog update. I’ve been incredibly busy between my 9 to 5 job, working on my degree, raising a child, and experimenting with new circuits. In the spring of 2012, my family discovered camping as our new warm weather…hobby? Then the summer was met with some unfortunate medical issues which side tracked our normal day-to-day lives for a while. Fall brought a lot of eating! Our CSA loaded us up with tons of organic produce which wasn’t just challenging to eat, but it took creativity to figure out how to incorporate things like rutabaga into a fatty American diet. 🙂

The past few months have been full of experiments with fuzz pedals and their behavior when placed in various spots of the signal chain. This lead to the one of the boxes that should be available before spring 2013. It will provide flexibility in your signal chain by removing the interaction between low input impedance pedals (like the Fuzz Face) and buffered output pedals (like Boss). You won’t be stuck having to put your pedals in a specific order so they behave with one another.

Keep on the lookout for new products and pages being added to the menu bar above.

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