The Nuke Fuzz is here!

The Nuke Fuzz is a silicon transistor based fuzz circuit with fuzz tones ranging from gated “static” to high gain (yet controlled) fuzz. The enclosure is raw die cast aluminum featuring an etched copper face plate which will corrode and look nice and nasty over time. This box features true bypass switching, reverse polarity protection, and DC power filtering.

Every piece of this unit is sourced from USA based suppliers. Even though most of the parts will still come from another part of the world, I’m still going to do everything I can to support domestic business and labor. This does come at a cost and some components cost nearly 100 times (yes 100 times!) the cost that they would if I’d source them directly from their country of origin. I’m going to continue working to source as many domestically produced parts as I possibly can regardless of price.


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